Vintage pearls for golden autumn πŸπŸ‚

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Today that I’m an old fish already when it comes to recycled clothes, I thought I’ll share my experience on why should wear other people’s old clothes and the hacks, which I have discovered by doing this.

  1. Good for the environment
  2. Full of emotions – interesting/mysterious
  3. Great for style – can easily (without excessive damages) take the risk and try something new (actually someone’s well-forgotten old.. πŸ˜ƒ)
  4. Can take the risk and try not your size clothes, because first, you can’t choose the size, when it’s second-hand shopping and second, some clothes may fit surprisingly good as over-sized (my size is XS, but I’ve recently bought M-size blouses and knits, even a coat)
  5. This style will not go out of fashion, because this train is already gone or never will πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Old garments are made carefully and with love, at that time, the term “fast-fashion” was not known.
  7. You can be unique, no worries, no one else will walk up to you with the same item of clothing or bag.
  8. Shopping in second hand and vintage shops is fun, because you meet there people, who are open minded and happy.

So, heads up 😎 and to second round shopping πŸ˜›

Lanamoden wool cardigan, vintage, from my secret source
Vintage bag

Up here I’m wearing everything vintage – Lanamoden wool cardigan, Avantgarde wool shorts, handbag (brand not known, but vintage) and Dr. Franklin sunglasses. Except Zara suede leather boots are not vintage.

Below everything is same, except Giesswein Austria vintage wool jacket with hairy hunting dog (probably German Wirehaired Pointer).

Giesswein vintage wool jacket

Anita Wegener crew neck sweater 🦞🦞🦞

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Lately I have discovered, that the most interesting fashion bites for me are are the ones, which are a bit ugly or very close to the thin line between ugly and beautiful. And the other thing, I have noticed, when I’m wearing other people’s old clothes, is, that I dress much better now. My clothes are no longer neutral, but with their own story (which I don’t know) and full of unknown emotions. I used to be afraid of old and antique things, but now I find them interesting. There comes no bad energy of these, as my consciousness transcends it, I only feel greatness and love.

So, here Anita Wegener’s lovely knit and vintage “old ladie’s clutch” – type mini bag. I wasn’t sure, if the bag is ugly or not, but it has great shape, so I absolutely love it. Faux-leather skirt and boots from Zara. Sunglasses from Buduaar Market LIVE Tallinn, price 1.- EUR and the brand is (probably) SU.VI 🌞

Anita Wegener crew neck sweater
Vintage bag

Ivana Helsinki summer dress + crocodile earrings – worn by an Estonian celebrity 🀩

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I got super beautiful Ivana Helsinki’s dress from Humana second-hand shop, but as the summer is quite over for this time, I decided to combine it with Love Moschino ripped jeans and Zara boots. I visited Buduaar Market LIVE Tallinn yesterday and got very interesting ear-rings, which actually were worn by an Estonian celebrity on the front cover of a magazine 🀩. I just for case asked, if these are really the same ones, and yes, they are.. 😍 But, as I have never worn earrings in my life and I have nowhere to hang them, I went straight to my father’s garage and he crafted a brooch and a pendant out of them.

Ivana Helsinki dress.
Here I also wear a necklace from Humana and Anna Hickmann’s sunglasses
Innocenti&Gennai leather bag
Crocodile pendant

Vintage knit and Innocenti&Gennai leather shoulder bag

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Here more treasures, form my secret source.

The knit, brand Riro, with amazing scenic print, down-to-earth and tells a story from the countryside. Very different style, I have never had such before, but I decided to risk it and try.. just amazing for the coming fall πŸ„

And the leather bag, it seems, it comes from the same family as my previous brown vintage bag, which I ordered from Etsy. The condition of the bag was mentioned as “used-good”, but it’s in great condition, even without this nice “old” scent. And I love the bag is so soft and cute from the inside.

Suede boots and leggings are from Zara.

Riro vintage knit ❀️
Innocenti&Gennai leather shoulder bag

Mackerness dress from 1960’s – 1970’s

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Here amazing dress (from the source I never mention again 🀫🀐), styled and made in England by Mackerness. I have no words to describe how beautiful the dress is. I would go to Presidential Reception wearing this dress, but unfortunately I’m not invited πŸ˜ƒ. I styled the dress with my Saint Laurent bag. And the sunglasses – Jimmy Choo

Zara multicolored midi dress, handmade MDW leather satchel bag and Aldo sneakers

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I still follow lovely Anna Bey’s videos and I really admire her, but today I’m breaking all the rules and have basically deleted the plan of my 2022 styling principles in my head. I’m wearing animal prints, even fish print 😬, which an elegant lady absolutely not should do. But I’m happy like this. I got bored of standard “easy to match” capsule wardrobe. For now, probably half of my wardrobe is somebody’s old clothes+vintage and I wear much prints. Getting dressed every morning is a creative play and I have much fun picking out the garments. Am I missing out on my opportunities for LEVEL-UP and being successful, when I’m wearing used clothes and different patterns and not an expensive blazer-suit? I actually don’t think so, probably no-one even cares.. πŸ˜ƒ It’s the right attitude and how you value yourself, what matters.

But here dress from Zara’s new collection, the summer is like cut off with a knife, three days ago, it was really hot, but now there might come night cold already. So this is the last summer dress for this time. Sneakers with toy puppy from Aldo’s new collection, so cute, that I just had to buy.. and vintage satchel bag – I don’t tell any more, from where I got it, because I want to be first to grab treasures like this. The bag is like brand new, no-one hasn’t used it. Really, a dream work-bag. MDW – the Cambridge Satchel Company, handmade in Great Britain.

The Cambridge Satchel Company, handmade in Great Britain.

Retro dress number 3 from my partner’s grandmother

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I didn’t receive the right bag yet, which I thought, will be great matching accessory for this dress, so I crabbed a retro-look poodle from Humana second-hand shop + took my green Zara bag to carry my stuff.

The heat wave 🌞

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Nali raffia fringe trim sun hat in natural, from Asos
Elegance Paris silk blouse from Humana Vintage
MANGO Fringed raffia bag
DeeZee shoes
ZARA Snail-shaped metal ring and Rigid metal bracelet in the shape of a fish

Very rare Nina Vita handbag and another dress from my partner’s grandmother 😍

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This hedgehog tote I found from as well and tried to crab it within seconds before someone else buys it off under my nose, shopping on this site is a play of nerves 😬. I tried to google the brand Nina Vita, it’s French vintage design and seems it’s a very rare bag.

The dress is from the lady I mentioned in my last post and I have one more dress from her. Probably photos will came soon. These dresses must be from Soviet times as well, all the labels are in Russian.

The belt is Ivo Nikkolo (Estonian design).

DeeZee shoes and Ana Hickmann sun glasses, same as in my last post.

Nina Vita vintage handbag