A little style change plan for 2022

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I have recently started to follow Anna Bey’s videos from YouTube and I’m so strongly influenced of her and as a result I have got rid of almost everything I had in my closet. Also from my scenic print and animal print dresses πŸ˜₯, which were kind of my signature style. But first, I didn’t have a good ironing machine and secondly I had noticed, it’s quite hard to style, when everything is so patterned. I also love Kate Hutchins, Mariana Pineda and Audrey Coyney, so some style hacks might be from them too. But here are the main tips:

1.Keep it simple.

2.Wear only neutral colors, which can be found from the nature and only the color-palette, which suits for you.

3.Try to avoid black and wear navy blue instead.

4.Buy less, but only mid-range priced (or expensive πŸ˜ƒ) items and try to find expensive looking items from Zara and other fast-fashion stores. Some colors and some materials look more expensive, than the others.

5.Try to avoid cheap patterns and also (unless you are not very experienced) animal prints πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ and especially cartoon prints.

6.Try to wear the same tone from head to toe. It looks very chic 😎

Here I have new double-breasted wool coat from Mango, merino wool sweater and wool mix hat from Ivo Nikkolo (Estonian design), Massimo Dutti boots and YSL bag πŸ™‚