Never Fully Dressed Pink Lobster Lindos Maxi Dress + Zara Wellies With Transparent Sole + NANA-NANA handbag

There’s a saying, at least in Estonia – “Mida vanem eit, seda roosam kleit”, meaning “The older the lady gets, the more pink the dress goes” – that was my first thought, for some reason, when I opened the package I received from Never Fully Dressed :). Whatever 🙂 I really love the dress, it’s so different design and of course the lobster pattern I just adore.

Also felt, that I need a new handbag. This time I didn’t pick so classic version, so all my trash would fit in there 🙂 Found it from YOOX and the brand is NaNa-NaNa. Here I made the bag empty from my “everyday’s trash” and put the flowers instead 🙂

And the rain boots! There’s no more ugly frustrating rainy days for me! Still available on Zara’s site 🙂

Dress code: business cute – Zara Bambi dress

I doubted a bit before having the dress from Zara’s BAMBI DISNEY STORIES COLLECTION, but then thought, what the hell, why should we ever kill the child inside us. As a first thought, there was a XXL yellow fur bag in my imagination for this outfit, but not to blow up the “cute meter” I grabbed Bally’s briefcase instead. Bought it from Yaga for my work computer. Leather boots also from Zara(‘s sale) 🙂


Not much to say actually, Zara surprised with amazing Blue Collection last year and these beauties-booties can speak for themselves. Just, I thought, I go crazy, if I don’t get these. I can’t even imagine the feeling, was it good or bad, when I noticed the boots on Zara’s site.

Same with the dress, I was totally enchanted from the flowy boho style and charming dandelion print. Dandelions are my favorites. Responsible for this emotional purchase is Topshop.

Real Christmas photo with reindeer

I absolutely adore different kind of deers while Christmas time. Our roe deer actually shined on the window through the year, since last Christmas..

But as this is a fashion blog, I’ll tell, that I used my AndMoreFashion BDAY bonus and got super beautiful coat from Mosaic. So warm and cozy, very classic fit, our own Estonian design, although reminds me a bit Ted Baker’s style. Fur gloves also Mosaic, everything else same as last post.

A windy day at Telliskivi

Another scenic print dress found the way to my closet. I really love it’s classic silhouette and neutral down to earth hazel tone and the mode, how the dress tells it’s own story. This autumn the capsule wardrobe has become the major topic, keywords – buy less and invest to the quality! I know, this dress will be definitely my wardrobe’s basic for years and it helps me out on busy “aaa.. nothing to wear!!!” mornings. So I’m happy I bought this dress – brand Warehouse, from Asos (still available!).

By nature many women are “the magpies”, me included, I need everything I see and like. I don’t know, what sickness it is, but I adore big shopping centers with bright lighting, it feels there like sun is shining on me. But lately I have been thinking about, that should have a second thought before each buy, to think over, if I really need all the stuff and try to give my little part for saving the earth and also for avoiding people work for almost nothing. So I control myself a bit more and probably one of my next posts will be about re-use challenge.

And just for explanation, for my china-dress in last post, I paid 40.- EUR plus I asked my seamstress to add lining to the dress, which cost about the same, so I hope the people related, got fair pay. There’s still only one question, I have a little doubt, that the dress might be a copy of a high-fashion one. Shouldn’t buy fake, but this dress is like “fake fake” for me 🙂 no brand marked on visibly there, so it’s more like no-name item and the dress has so much paid off already for me, so I don’t worry about this. Plus the earth question of course is actual here.. ☹. Anyway, it’s a lovely dress and it still has the honorable place in my closet, for years.

But back to this post. Vest – Michael Kors (re-use from Yaga for 25.- EUR), leather boots from Mango and bag DKNY. And the weather was so windy, that I had really tears in my eyes.. 🙂

Regards to China

Strange, you never know, when you buy some piece of clothe, that it may become your wardrobe’s basic for the next ten years, or maybe even longer. Here I’m wearing my “little black dress”, which is so easy to match with different styles and I wear it on whatever occasions, no matter is it summer, autumn or winter. This cutie can be very “boho” combined with leather biker and flat track sole boots, but it looks quite elegant, matched with rabbit-vest, classy handbag plus brand sunglasses. And guess what.. I got the dress from AliExpress, China.. Probably it was just an emotional purchase while a little pause on my stressful working-day..

Cat – Brian O’Conner / Dua Lipa, wellies (not so visible here) – Tommy Hilfiger – from Yaga for 15.- EUR 😊

Love from the first sight

This beauty caught my eye on Asos site and no doubt – it was love from the first sight. Waiting for a while under my saved items, I still thought I can’t live without it. The only thing I was considering about, was the price, because it`s a money-saving period in my life at the moment as some bigger dreams also need to become fulfilled. But can’t help it.. life needs to be lived loved 😊. So I finally bought this Belgian design dress from Essentiel Antwerp’s official site. Now I can sleep again..

The dream-dress

I love maxi-dresses and this dress (from H&M online shop) is absolutely perfect for summer. Shoes River Island, bag Karl Lagerfeld

Less is less

I haven’t posted for a while, there’s even been some moments I thought, that my blog will die. I deleted some of my posts I wasn’t happy with. But as fashion is something I really love, I decided to keep blogging. A little „thanks!“ to my friend also for reminding me that! But I decided not to run towards every piece of clothe. I only wear here clothes, which I really like and I will avoid the sentence – „worn only once for a photo shoot“ at Yaga sales platform.

This autumn brings back 70’s fashion. Sounds even a little boring, but it’s a comeback for real ladies. Sophisticated A-line skirts, pussy-bow blouses, boxy little bags and so on. I like simplicity and classics. Here I’m wearing the dress from Mosaic, which I grabbed while sale, but the same dress is also currently available, just in check-print version. Bag Karl Lagerfeld, sunglasses Max&Co and shoes from Zara – these are all classics from last seasons.

Product code: 259761, Vihmu 1 😊

What a cute name 😊. Anyway, I was already so anxious to show this magical wolf-print raincoat, I got from Monton. I like the idea, that I will wear the mystic grey this spring and leave yellow and flowers for next seasons 😊. Something different. It feels I draw the spiritual power of nature, when I wear this raincoat. Scarf with wolves also from Monton, leather belt-bag Zara, socks Monton Talented “Proud of roots” collection and boots from Topshop.

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