Stereotypical Chinese style dress – Qipao 滿族

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Here I am wearing a traditional Chinese dress – Qipao – that I got from Humana Vintage. This Manchu Chinese women’s dress became a true fashion garment in early 20th century Shanghai and it was a symbol of luxury and modernity. After Qipao boom in the 1920s to 1930s it expanded further from the wealthy classes to the social classes. The dress has,

  • Mandarin collar
  • Right side opening with knot buttons
  • Fitted style
  • Wide opening on side
A bit windy again 😃
Peacock pattern – characteristic of oriental style dress 🦚

ZARA METALLIC HIGH-HEEL PLATFORM SANDALS GOLD | 2319/310 – and this is where I went against my SALE rule number 2 and bought golden heels, which may soon be a passing trend. Just felt, that I need some new leg extenders and these were very comfy considering the height of the heel, which is 10,4 cm. But what are the charms of wearing golden shoes. These look elegant and also like nude color shoes, they make your legs look longer, unlike black strappy shoes which actually visually make the legs „cut shorter“

From Zara’s sale..

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I styled the boots with Zara blazer (from last summer) and Vila shorts. Handbag is vintage.


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It seems, that even today human cannot live without wearing animal skins. Leopard print makes a comeback consistently year after year – jungle animals have taken over both, the city and the offices.

So, here a reminder, what were the rules for wearing leopard print.. and other animal prints. Animal patterns are quite powerful, so they are recommended to be worn only by bold and confident women.


I have always loved animal prints, even if I don’t wear these out 100%. I actually use animal skin patterns as armor clothing to add some confidence, which may be needed in some moments in life. It’s always good to hide behind someone else’s coat instead of taking your own skin to the market 🐯

Zara POLYAMIDE TOP WITH BOAT NECK Colour: Beige | 3905/170

Here I wear:

Zara LINEN BLEND ANIMAL PRINT MIDI SKIRT LEOPARD | 8099/403 (still available)

Zara POLYAMIDE TOP WITH BOAT NECK Colour: Beige | 3905/170 (still available)

Handbag – vintage

Necklace – vintage

Wedges – Zara, from last summer, these seem to be very favorite of mine..

It’s SALE time!!!

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What to buy and how to buy? Here I share my tips.

1.Don’t go crazy because of cheap prices.

2.Buy basics and timeless classics, not the trend pieces, which are almost out of style.

3.If you shop in the store, check, if the items are in good conditions – these may be damaged or too groped.

4.The “win” with a fixed discount % is bigger, if you buy more expensive (=higher quality) items.

5.Avoid emotional purchases – no, don’t.. women are emotional and discount season is a good time to try something new, be creative and take it easy.

6.Now it’s the time to buy your wish-list items – if these are not yet grabbed off under your nose by someone else – hurry 😦

7.Bookmark the items, which are sold out and check after a while.. there’s a chance, that some of these may come back to sale..

So, what did I buy..

From Zara I ordered a timeless black coat – TAILORED DOUBLE BREASTED COAT ZW COLLECTION BLACK | 2619/747 (not wool coat, but for transitional season), which I once tried in the store, but did not buy yet.. Also I bought the boots, that I wanted already at the beginning of the summer, from Zara as well – STUDDED LEATHER BIKER ANKLE BOOTS GRAY | 2170/310 – not the specific cowboy style, which may go out.. but very classic. I have not received the package yet, so the photos will come later.

From my store shopping tour –

first, from Mango I got black tweed blazer and sunglasses (these were not discounted actually..) here below:

Linen shorts are from Zara (bought before), wrinkled as hell 😬, wedges also from Zara (bought last summer) and handbag is vintage.

And from Zara’s sale I got the striped dress, which I didn’t get from the e-store any more.. Knit dress can be worn every season, so very practical. Styled with Tommy Hilfiger sneakers. Here below:

Pascaline vintage dress – French, by Marque Déposée

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Probably from 1960-1970..

I wanted to style this fragile look dress with very light accessories to bring out its delicate beauty, but turned out exactly the opposite. I added maximum contrast with this wide black belt and black strap wedges, both from Zara. The handbag is vintage.

The photos were taken in the lovely Kirna Manor, which is specific because of its geological location – there is large crack on the ground and therefore there’s a very positive energy that has a healing effect.

French Pascaline Marque Déposée vintage dress

A colorful world

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The trendsetters don’t wear much colors at the moment, everything is very monotonous and simple, minimalistic, with an expensive look. But the colors and patterns have not yet disappeared from the world or from the bottom of the closet.

So I’m the fish again swimming against the flow and today I’m wearing colorful retro bodysuit and Massimo Dutti skirt, which actually surprised me, when I saw it in the store, because usually there aren’t such brightly colored clothing items at their selection..

Vintage dress

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Today I am wearing a vintage dress of Finnish design, which delicate and feminine style I killed a bit with robust accessories and shoes. Just didn’t want to be so ordinary elegant..

Vintage silk blouse

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Today I’m wearing a blouse, also from Humana Vintage. The skirt, bag and shoes are from Zara (not the latest collection).