A windy day at Telliskivi

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Another scenic print dress found the way to my closet. I really love it’s classic silhouette and neutral down to earth hazel tone and the mode, how the dress tells it’s own story. This autumn the capsule wardrobe has become the major topic, keywords – buy less and invest to the quality! I know, this dress will be definitely my wardrobe’s basic for years and it helps me out on busy “aaa.. nothing to wear!!!” mornings. So I’m happy I bought this dress – brand Warehouse, from Asos (still available!).

By nature many women are “the magpies”, me included, I need everything I see and like. I don’t know, what sickness it is, but I adore big shopping centers with bright lighting, it feels there like sun is shining on me. But lately I have been thinking about, that should have a second thought before each buy, to think over, if I really need all the stuff and try to give my little part for saving the earth and also for avoiding people work for almost nothing. So I control myself a bit more and probably one of my next posts will be about re-use challenge.

And just for explanation, for my china-dress in last post, I paid 40.- EUR plus I asked my seamstress to add lining to the dress, which cost about the same, so I hope the people related, got fair pay. There’s still only one question, I have a little doubt, that the dress might be a copy of a high-fashion one. Shouldn’t buy fake, but this dress is like “fake fake” for me 🙂 no brand marked on visibly there, so it’s more like no-name item and the dress has so much paid off already for me, so I don’t worry about this. Plus the earth question of course is actual here.. ☹. Anyway, it’s a lovely dress and it still has the honorable place in my closet, for years.

But back to this post. Vest – Michael Kors (re-use from Yaga for 25eur), leather boots from Mango and bag DKNY (old classic). And the weather was so windy, that I had really tears in my eyes.. 🙂