All dark blue everything – almost..

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Hi, here I have a photo shoot with my friend, who is sometimes helping me with typing the posts 😊😊. He’s name is Brian O’Conner (from „The Fast and the Furious“ of course..), but lately for some reason I call him also Dua Lipa 😊. Here I’m wearing the clothes I wear almost every day and almost during the year 😊. I sometimes laugh, that I wear the same clothes I wear in the winter also at Midsummer’s night. But that’s the way it is, because it happens, that in Estonia we have „bad skiing weather“ during the year 😊. I’m already a little boared to wear this Bastion’s fur gilet, I think, no, not again, but I still go out and spend a successful day wearing it and feeling so comfortable. Under this I wear Maison Espin’s jacket, which I got from Italy’s trip last summer. Jeans are Max&Co Boutique Denim, also old. I actually wanted to wear other jeans, but I didn’t fit into these any more.. OMG!!! I have eaten too much.. 😊. So the outfit turned out „all dark blue everything – almost..“, except Brian and the ridning boots (from Zara, old).