Anita Wegener crew neck sweater 🦞🦞🦞

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Lately I have discovered, that the most interesting fashion bites for me are are the ones, which are a bit ugly or very close to the thin line between ugly and beautiful. And the other thing, I have noticed, when I’m wearing other people’s old clothes, is, that I dress much better now. My clothes are no longer neutral, but with their own story (which I don’t know) and full of unknown emotions. I used to be afraid of old and antique things, but now I find them interesting. There comes no bad energy of these, as my consciousness transcends it, I only feel greatness and love.

So, here Anita Wegener’s lovely knit and vintage “old ladie’s clutch” – type mini bag. I wasn’t sure, if the bag is ugly or not, but it has great shape, so I absolutely love it. Faux-leather skirt and boots from Zara. Sunglasses from Buduaar Market LIVE Tallinn, price 1.- EUR and the brand is (probably) SU.VI 🌞

Anita Wegener crew neck sweater
Vintage bag