Brand new over 40 years old handbag and vintage belt in the same tone

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😑 I really feel, that I have already reached the limit and this kind of neutral clothing is too much for me. Nothing is wrong, my capsule wardrobe works well – I have good-quality basics and the content is easy to combine – ready to go out of the door within two minutes whatever it’s coming down from the sky. Just.. 😦 in my opinion.. this kind of style has a bit lack of emotions.. My closet was screaming for something, which has some kind of attitude.. So I decided to spice it up with vintage. And actually now, when I’m like “tabula rasa”, it’s a good starting position for adding some kick. Generally I intend to follow the rules of my 2022 clothing plan. Maybe I only break rule number five..

But here – I think I got inspired from lovely Audrey Coyne ❤️ – and dived into the boundless world of Etsy. So here are the treasures, I found and purchased this time.

80s Boston Florence craftsman Italian leather bag – in excellent condition – not used at all. I have dreamed of this kind briefcase style bag since long time. For example, I really like Proenza Schoulder. But the one I got, has all the history and in my eyes even more temper 🙂.

And the belt.. it’s also old/vintage, but seems totally unused, like brand new and together with it there was a lovely heart message-label from the seller.

With those two Etsy purchases I have experienced a very good and personal attitude. My best greetings and many thanks to the sellers! From Estland 🙂❤️

I already have some vintage Hermes scarves on my wishlist, but this one is from Humana vintage (, no specific brand, but the print is really beautiful and it’s in excellent condition.

Kimono cut wool-coat is from Mango, handmade.

Boots from Massimo Dutti.

Sunglasses – Zara, retro.