Elegant ladies never wear cute Xmas knits! 🎄⛔

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That’s what my biggest style idol has said – elegant ladies must not wear cute Xmas-theme knits.

But this vintage knit (probably someone’s handwork) got my eye. The design is so overkill, that it looks somehow stylish to me and reminds me old and real Christmas time, when everyone had warmth and goodness in their souls and brings back to the days, when it wasn’t just a commerce holiday.

But wearing such a knitwear is quite a challenge. Why? Because of the rule of three colors applies in clothing – it is not appropriate to wear more than three colors at the same time. Probably nobody wants to look like a walking Christmas tree. So what to do, if you have still bought a cute Xmas knit and intend to wear it despite someone’s opinion. How to debug this error here – I tried to style this sweater with a neutral color. At a normal case, I would have picked one of the three sweater’s colors and chosen the rest of the outfit in that color. But, for me personally, here three of those three colors would have been too weird to wear from head to toe. I also consciously chose the trousers (from Zara) with a textured fabric, to tone down the glory of the sweater.