Going to a wedding

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I’m going to my best friend’s daughter’s wedding with this outfit. The dress is pre-loved and has been sewn as a special project. I bought it from a person who is well aware of fashion and active in Estonian fashion scene. So I could say – it’s a designer dress. Again, this is a proof that beautiful things don’t necessarily have to cost the soul. And, I don’t have to creep around corners scared that maybe someone else is wearing the same dress. The dress has originally other belt – rope style black twist bine with fringed tassels at the ends. But it’s a bit slippery material and I also tried to avoid black color at the wedding. So I have here my faithful companion, for long years – Gucci belt. Since there is a bit of walking around town, I wanted to wear comfortable shoes and this time I chose Tommy Hilfiger’s practical wedges. Bag is from Mango, which actually reminds me Ferragamo and Coccinelle..

Bird-patterned dress attracted those interested..

Back to the theme.. 🙂