Good bye Bastion and 2020!

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From the fashion side so much has changed. In a routine daily life.. or at least in the world I live, there’s almost no fashion any more. Under mask, no need for being beautiful 😷. The new “must have” is a cozy daydream set of hoodie and sweatpants. Heels are decomposing (or maybe not 😃) under dust and if there will be some need to go out, can probably find something accumulated into the closet within the last seasons. At least that’s how I feel.. So here (and below in the last post) nothing is new. Here I’m wearing the coat for the memory of Bastion, Estonian brand, which’s collections were unique with their showy elegance. Peony motif belt from Guess, leather boots with chain detail behind from Mango. And Gucci bag..

Happy magical 2021!!!

Photos taken at T1 Mall of Tallinn