I don’t wear RED

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RED – number one trend color for fall 2023 – is (was? 🙄) completely excluded from the color palette of my wardrobe.

I once had really beautiful bright red Zara’s tweed blazer, but when I stepped in the office I felt like I’m some kind of target (no one actually said anything..) and I wanted to go back home and get the clothes changed.

I have done so many experiments this summer, now it’s time to pull back a little and get back to serious as the transitional season has arrived.

For some reason I liked this vintage red dress. Wearing red makes me feel like a snake crawling into the wrong skin, but I think this dress is a perfect office wear for coming autumn and even for winter maybe, as it’s 45% wool. A tip 😲💡 – RED dress might be good to wear, when there’s an intention to go and demand something – it’s like an armor that strengthens and gives confidence. So red should belong into every women’s secret weapons arsenal. But I think RED must be worn with dignity (same goes for animal patterns – leopard, tiger, snake).

Here I also have very modest dark brown western style boots, which I found again at Massimo Dutti. I really admire different kind of embroidered cowboy boots, but I was afraid that these would be difficult to stylize. So I stayed to classic, probably for many good years. Also the belt is from Massimo Dutti.

Vintage (over 40 years old) bag, my faithful companion, from Etsy.