Ivo Nikkolo & Gucci

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So proud to wear our own Estonian design. Ivo Nikkolo is one of the oldest Estonian designer brand. The collection is premium quality and nontraditional classic style. As I have understood, Ivo Nikkolo brand is for real ladies with high demands, who like to wear art and classic style with some extra playful details.

One day I woke up and something was wrong with me. I thought, is it some kind of brain-damage or what?? 🙂 I just felt so big tumult inside me, I was obsessed, that I have to have a Gucci bag. So after multiple considering to go to psychologist spiritual guru I still decided to have Gucci Ophidia small tote bag, from the permanent collection. We only live once, so I’m honest with myself, I prefer material things to spiritual (which I’m sure all the fashionistas do..) and I’m very fine, for now.

Fully black wedges – from Mango