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Here I show my old classic, which has adorned me at various summer events, weddings and graduations, but why not to wear this dress just everyday, when the mood is such.. The dress is quite no-name I guess, maybe a product of Poland. Here as well my new beauty to love – Pinko fringed croc-effect mini bag, from Farfetch. I adore it’s green color, it’s mini size (great fit for my old Samsung 🙂) and the whole character of this bag. Shoes – Zara, someone’s pre-loved ❤️

Since all of these items are beautiful above average on their own, I was afraid that putting them together would be total overkill. But after the pandemic, on a daily basis I’m very modest in appearance. Good, when the hair is combed 🙂. So “too much!” should be nicely allowed, when there’s a special occasion taking place. Estonian saying is – The more, the prouder! Hence, almost like a parrot..

Pinko fringed croc-effect mini bag