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.. to wear big patterns, especially if you are a small woman πŸ™‚

Here I perform an experimentation, on my own skin, to see, if the style mistakes being told about so much, hold the true.

The dress is ordered from China, AliExpress. The quality is actually really good and in my opinion, the dress is quite nice. I expected the other dress, which I have ordered, with panda bear, to be the same quality, but the the print was very bad there. I ordered the other dress mainly because I have weakness for frogs. But the frogs are not so visible there. Maybe I’ll make photos of the other dress too.

Style error number two here is, that “there is no expensive looking pattern!” – that’s what my favorite influencer/the queen of elegance has said πŸ™‚

Number three – animal prints (prints, not the patterns) don’t belong into elegant ladies wardrobe! This is also said by the lady mentioned above πŸ™‚