Now it’s the time of the year..

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..when all grey mice (including me..) should come out from wall- and floor cracks and start to shine and better bright! It seems to me, that this year’s party clothes are extremely sparkling. I personally love most Zara’s party collection. I sometimes look Zara’s clothes and admire, is this really called „fast fashion“ 😊??! Those sequinned and glittery, sparkling, perfect fit, clothes are magical creations – I would say, that this is „art“ and the best thing is, that every woman can afford these and be the star of the night. But 😊, those Zara clothes are a bit much fitting with my nature, so I’m wearing here Native Rose’s Festival Maxi Skirt in Sequin from Asos (still available). In real life the skirt is actually not so golden and striking as seems on the photos. Top is Guess, old. I didn’t complete the look with pretty party shoes, like I visualized and planned first, but I’m wearing here again those lovely HOWDIE boots from Topshop😊. And 😊 I couldn’t resist not to use 30% discount and buy another Polo Ralph Lauren’s bull head bag/pouch 😊.

Happy New Year 2019!!! 😊