The cuties

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Here I share with you my two cutest buys, I have had lately, the weasels, which I found from Humana Vintage and Polo Ralph Lauren’s crossbody bag, which can be used also as a belt-bag.

I actually went to Humana Vintage to find some beautiful midi or maxi skirt, but then I saw the cuties hanging on the wall and fell in love 😊. I asked the sales lady there, if these are real. She answered, that yes, they are „too real“ 😊. I don´t support killing animals because of fur, but these were already there. So, I have them now with me.

The bag was also one of my cutest buys. When I got Ralph Lauren’s newsletter to my e-mail, there was another bag with bull’s head, which I thought I have to have. It was just so stylish. It’s a perfect classic handbag with a little special detail. But then I looked also the other bags and there were more similar. I liked these all, but the olive colour with fringes was my favourite.

Dress is from Topshop, was marked as „trending product“ and sold out fast 😊