The great catch from reuse boutique + new platform shoes from EGO 😐

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I had a regular walk with my girlfriend and suddenly the idea came to us go to the rag. Of course that was one hour before closing 😐 and this time the range of the stuff was so wide, that we quite lost our brains there. But both of us had great luck and we left the boutique with some kg-s of new rags. What more to wish for..

Dress BY MALINA, 100% silk, size M – when I noticed it’s pretty fabric, I knew, I want this piece of clothe, no matter size it is.. I paid for this beauty 7 euros, but someone did around 300.- 😮. I’m very thankful to the ex owner..

It’s so bright 🌞 can’t keep my eyes open 🙂

I really did assume, that this kind of vulgarity is not my style and the first thought, when I looked at these shoes, was – I may fall to death, but here I am again – wearing EGO Jordyn chunky heeled mules with gold chain in black croc 😐 and it feels like I was born with those shoes. So comfy..

I try to add soon photos of the other treasures I mined from the rag 🙂