I re-designed my old alpaca wool coat

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Here I wear Estonian design alpaca wool coat, which I bought many years ago. Originally the coat had shiny black buttons and black patent leather belt. I’ve been planning to replace those buttons long time ago, but I didn’t find the right ones. Last year I went to the fabric store for another attempt and I was positively surprised by the beautiful selection. I also had suitable belt from before, I just didn’t know it, before I got these buttons 🙂. The belt is from Massimo Dutti and it was waiting, since last summer, as it was too big for my waist and I thought I will wear it with some blazer or coat some day 🙂, but some extra holes were made and now the belt belongs to this coat 🙂. Just as a side comment, I really love Massimo Dutti’s belts – these are high quality and expensive looking and the good thing is, that these are elegant and classic, without too flashy brand logo, from which may easily get bored. Also the boots are from Massimo Dutti – very classic and fully justified – worth to buy.

Another hedgehog handbag found the way to me – from my secret vintage shopping place. This hedgehog is the second one, the third one, I just received from France, is “Sac Herisson Exclusivite” in rainbow colors and this one is brand new. Pictures will come in spring.

Vintage Laura Vita hedgehog bag (Sac Herisson)