Regards to China

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Strange, you never know, when you buy some piece of clothe, that it may become your wardrobe’s basic for the next ten years, or maybe even longer. Here I’m wearing my “little black dress”, which is so easy to match with different styles and I wear it on whatever occasions, no matter is it summer, autumn or winter. This cutie can be very “boho” combined with leather biker and flat track sole boots, but it looks quite elegant, matched with rabbit-vest, classy handbag plus brand sunglasses. And guess what.. I got the dress from AliExpress, China.. Probably it was just an emotional purchase while a little pause on my stressful working-day..

Cat – Brian Oโ€™Conner/Dua Lipa, wellies (not so visible here) – Tommy Hilfiger – from Yaga for 15eur ๐Ÿ˜Š