Old money style

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For me old money dressing style is a timeless classic look made up of high quality staples. So, what are those? For this particular outfit:

Number one – a wool blazer. This amazing wool blazer is from Ralph Lauren, which is one of “old money” categorized luxury brands. I got it from my secret vintage shopping spot.

Number two – a top handle leather bag. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a designer bag, but it must be high quality and modest appearance. Here again my over 40 years old bag, which came from Etsy.

Number three – equestrian style pants. Here I have high waisted jeans from Asos (fast fashion, but nice looking and good quality, I guess).

Number four – high quality leather boots. Can be ridning style. But here I wear slightly western style boots from Massimo Dutti.

Number five – high quality cashmere or wool knit. This sweater is from Estonian brand Ivo Nikkolo.

And all of these items must be natural colors. I would say, that the signature color for old money style is beige, which is the most elegant color to wear and adds so much sophistication.