Zara multicolored midi dress, handmade MDW leather satchel bag and Aldo sneakers

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I still follow lovely Anna Bey’s videos and I really admire her, but today I’m breaking all the rules and have basically deleted the plan of my 2022 styling principles in my head. I’m wearing animal prints, even fish print 😬, which an elegant lady absolutely not should do. But I’m happy like this. I got bored of standard “easy to match” capsule wardrobe. For now, probably half of my wardrobe is somebody’s old clothes+vintage and I wear much prints. Getting dressed every morning is a creative play and I have much fun picking out the garments. Am I missing out on my opportunities for LEVEL-UP and being successful, when I’m wearing used clothes and different patterns and not an expensive blazer-suit? I actually don’t think so, probably no-one even cares.. 😃 It’s the right attitude and how you value yourself, what matters.

But here dress from Zara’s new collection, the summer is like cut off with a knife, three days ago, it was really hot, but now there might come night cold already. So this is the last summer dress for this time. Sneakers with toy puppy from Aldo’s new collection, so cute, that I just had to buy.. and vintage satchel bag – I don’t tell any more, from where I got it, because I want to be first to grab treasures like this. The bag is like brand new, no-one hasn’t used it. Really, a dream work-bag. MDW – the Cambridge Satchel Company, handmade in Great Britain.

The Cambridge Satchel Company, handmade in Great Britain.