The green coat

I went to shopping center to by a toilet brush, but returned with this amazing coat from River Island 😊. The coat is without any buttons and hooks and looks much nicer and trendier as it is, but it’s cold and windy outside, so I decided not to be a fashion victim this time and fixed it with the belt.

Wearing everything else same as in last post.

Instead of a trendy faux fur coat..

This combo-look 😊 I didn’t plan. It’s an alternative for a faux fur coat I bought from Asos, but I had to make my heart cold and send it back. I really dreamed to have a cozy and warm a little oversized faux fur coat for this winter season. The one, I picked, was something, that would have been not so classic and a little bit „out of my box“, because of the colours. But again I got confirmation, that I can’t wear too oversized or boxy clothes, because of my 165cm petite-hight and like I have mentioned earlier, this blog is for myself and other same kind women, who just live a simple-routine life, I only show here clothes, that can be weared every day, not the trendy ones, which actually don’t fit me and can be used only while photo-shoots. Also the prohibition sign of the trend for the coming spring is not to wear oversized jackets and coats anymore, this is a good solace of course.. So I stay classic this time 😊.

Gilet with rabbit fur – Cortefiel, the weasels from Humana Vintage, jacket – Denim Dream, jeans – MAX&Co, boots Zara (still available), belt and bag – Polo Ralph Lauren.

All dark blue everything – almost..

Hi, here I have a photo shoot with my friend, who is sometimes helping me with typing the posts 😊😊. He’s name is Brian O’Conner (from „The Fast and the Furious“ of course..), but lately for some reason I call him also Dua Lipa 😊. Here I’m wearing the clothes I wear almost every day and almost during the year 😊. I sometimes laugh, that I wear the same clothes I wear in the winter also at Midsummer’s night. But that’s the way it is, because it happens, that in Estonia we have „bad skiing weather“ during the year 😊. I’m already a little boared to wear this Bastion’s fur gilet, I think, no, not again, but I still go out and spend a successful day wearing it and feeling so comfortable. Under this I wear Maison Espin’s jacket, which I got from Italy’s trip last summer. Jeans are Max&Co Boutique Denim, also old. I actually wanted to wear other jeans, but I didn’t fit into these any more.. OMG!!! I have eaten too much.. 😊. So the outfit turned out „all dark blue everything – almost..“, except Brian and the ridning boots (from Zara, old).

Now it’s the time of the year..

..when all grey mice (including me..) should come out from wall- and floor cracks and start to shine and better bright! It seems to me, that this year’s party clothes are extremely sparkling. I personally love most Zara’s party collection. I sometimes look Zara’s clothes and admire, is this really called „fast fashion“ 😊??! Those sequinned and glittery, sparkling, perfect fit, clothes are magical creations – I would say, that this is „art“ and the best thing is, that every woman can afford these and be the star of the night. But 😊, those Zara clothes are a bit much fitting with my nature, so I’m wearing here Native Rose’s Festival Maxi Skirt in Sequin from Asos (still available). In real life the skirt is actually not so golden and striking as seems on the photos. Top is Guess, old. I didn’t complete the look with pretty party shoes, like I visualized and planned first, but I’m wearing here again those lovely HOWDIE boots from Topshop😊. And 😊 I couldn’t resist not to use 30% discount and buy another Polo Ralph Lauren’s bull head bag/pouch 😊.

Happy New Year 2019!!! 😊

Going to party

Hiii.. party season has already started, so here is my first party look. I’m wearing Free People’s Caught Your Eye Tiered Lace Maxi Dress, which I got from Asos (still available and on sale!!!) again. I wore it already once and I know, that this dress will be one of my favorites, which I surely wear until it’s a see through spider web. It’s a universal dress to match up easily with different clothes and accessories and wear during the year. Also the coat is Free People, this I bought from Asos few years ago and it’s definitely one of my best finds. I really love Free People’s clothes. I regret every day, that I threw away one Free People’s top, which I found from Humana and was a bit ragged.. ☹.

Under the dress I wear H&M gold label body (old) and the small party bag is from Zara (still available). HOWDIE 😊 boots from Topshop (also still available), first when I got these and opened the box, I thought these are not for me and I’ll send these back. This would have been a huge mistake to regret.. I looked again and tried both boots and these were perfect and fit with so many different styles.

The cuties

Here I share with you my two cutest buys, I have had lately, the weasels, which I found from Humana Vintage and Polo Ralph Lauren’s crossbody bag, which can be used also as a belt-bag.

I actually went to Humana Vintage to find some beautiful midi or maxi skirt, but then I saw the cuties hanging on the wall and fell in love 😊. I asked the sales lady there, if these are real. She answered, that yes, they are „too real“ 😊. I don´t support killing animals because of fur, but these were already there. So, I have them now with me.

The bag was also one of my cutest buys. When I got Ralph Lauren’s newsletter to my e-mail, there was another bag with bull’s head, which I thought I have to have. It was just so stylish. It’s a perfect classic handbag with a little special detail. But then I looked also the other bags and there were more similar. I liked these all, but the olive colour with fringes was my favourite.

Dress is from Topshop, was marked as „trending product“ and sold out fast 😊


Hmm.. should I do it or not.. I guess I have to.. because of myself! So here it is – my dream, which I thought I never realize.. my own blog! I thought it might be too late for this, I´m probably not so young, not so special, not so beautiful, not the most stylish person, maybe I don´t have to say enough and so on. But what the hell, this blog is for myself and for everyday women, who live a routine life with their „simple and real“ problems, if could say so. Everyone has their own story, so everyone has to say something. By the way, I´m Triinu 😊.

Here I´m wearing Zara dress (should be still available), Zara leather belt and Karl Lagerfeld bag. Make-up by Jana Boberg. Many people, even my child, didn´t recognize me on that day 😊

I think I have some bacteria or even illness of fashion 😊. And that’s the main reason, I started this blog. But there’s also another reason.. which is deeper and gave me the courage to start the blog.  Recently my life fell apart. And I’m actually happy, that this happened. The problems lasted years, of course there was better and worse times, but some issues will become derminative and you can´t fix these, I just didn´t saw it or didn’t want to. I’m so thankful, that I have had the interest of fashion during all these years. Now I realize, that I subconsciously had some feeling that I have to value myself. All the time I said to myself, that I´m a woman, so I have to have (wear) pretty things and I have to afford these to myself. I probably compensated something else by doing that, but it’s ok. Fashion helped me to be positive and survive the years, it gave me the self-cofidence and I learned, that I´m the most important person in my life. Yes, I´m a materialist, my church, which I visit every Sunday is some shopping center and the (only?) footprint I leave to the earth, is the footprint of consumption. Sorry, that’s me..

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