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.. all of those topics are very actual lately.. like the question of life and death 😬

Why is so important to look EXPENSIVE.. I wouldn’t wear ugly things, but there are days when I personally want to wear some cute rags (maybe even a bit trashy looking), which I think is like a lovely bohemian style.

Sometimes some clothes or accessories have the history and emotional value, which makes it expensive, even, if this may look cheap for someone. I think it’s OK to wear rags and some things look even more expensive, when these are bitten by the teeth of time – like my over 40 years old handbag (which actually wasn’t very cheap..)

Anyway, here I have an experimentation, how to put together and make cheap priced second hand rags to look more expensive. I think these look good as separate items too, but I mixed and matched these a little bit with expensive belt (Gucci Blondie Interlocking wide belt from Farfetch – which probably may be classified under quiet luxury items, as the logo there is quite modest and very sophisticated) and Tommy Hilfiger shoes, no, cheap shoes + expensive looking, but cheap Mango bag (I think it’s a bit similar to Ferragamo style πŸ™„). The shoes I bought last year as the last pair, from a random store, but I found the same shoes today and bought a spare pair, just for case..

This dress just got my eye in the rag store and it seems to be Russian design, brand Glenfield. And I added here a blouse (also from rag store, actually from the department of bigger ladies, size 40, brand named Vintage Stories). For me it’s like a kimono style jacket and I have such a weakness towards bird prints.

Zara Botticelli print tulle dress

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Here I’m wearing the real art – the masterpiece of Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli – Primavera (c. 1482), icon of the springtime renewal of the Florentine Renaissance. For some reason I went a size up and bought M, maybe I just wanted the painting to be bigger πŸ™‚

A simple bag from Mango

Blooming business look 🌞

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I had a meeting with a client today and I wanted to look summery formal, so I combined the shirt, which I got from Humana 2nd Hand store at a non-existent price, with Zara’s white jeans and Gucci + the shoes are not Gucci, this is some other three striped design πŸ™‚

Reserved coat

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Here I welcome spring/summer with amazing coat from Reserved 🌞

I re-designed my old alpaca wool coat

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Here I wear Estonian design alpaca wool coat, which I bought many years ago. Originally the coat had shiny black buttons and black patent leather belt. I’ve been planning to replace those buttons long time ago, but I didn’t find the right ones. Last year I went to the fabric store for another attempt and I was positively surprised by the beautiful selection. I also had suitable belt from before, I just didn’t know it, before I got these buttons πŸ™‚. The belt is from Massimo Dutti and it was waiting, since last summer, as it was too big for my waist and I thought I will wear it with some blazer or coat some day πŸ™‚, but some extra holes were made and now the belt belongs to this coat πŸ™‚. Just as a side comment, I really love Massimo Dutti’s belts – these are high quality and expensive looking and the good thing is, that these are elegant and classic, without too flashy brand logo, from which may easily get bored. Also the boots are from Massimo Dutti – very classic and fully justified – worth to buy.

Another hedgehog handbag found the way to me – from my secret vintage shopping place. This hedgehog is the second one, the third one, I just received from France, is “Sac Herisson Exclusivite” in rainbow colors and this one is brand new. Pictures will come in spring.

Vintage Laura Vita hedgehog bag (Sac Herisson)

Vintage set from 1978

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Here wearing festive set – dress+jacket from my partners grandmother. Vintage bag from the very secret source and Massimo Dutti boots.

Vintage pearls for golden autumn πŸπŸ‚

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Today that I’m an old fish already when it comes to recycled clothes, I thought I’ll share my experience on why should wear other people’s old clothes and the hacks, which I have discovered by doing this.

  1. Good for the environment
  2. Full of emotions – interesting/mysterious
  3. Great for style – can easily (without excessive damages) take the risk and try something new (actually someone’s well-forgotten old.. πŸ˜ƒ)
  4. Can take the risk and try not your size clothes, because first, you can’t choose the size, when it’s second-hand shopping and second, some clothes may fit surprisingly good as over-sized (my size is XS, but I’ve recently bought M-size blouses and knits, even a coat)
  5. This style will not go out of fashion, because this train is already gone or never will πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Old garments are made carefully and with love, at that time, the term “fast-fashion” was not known.
  7. You can be unique, no worries, no one else will walk up to you with the same item of clothing or bag.
  8. Shopping in second hand and vintage shops is fun, because you meet there people, who are open minded and happy.

So, heads up 😎 and to second round shopping πŸ˜›

Lanamoden wool cardigan, vintage, from my secret source
Vintage bag

Up here I’m wearing everything vintage – Lanamoden wool cardigan, Avantgarde wool shorts, handbag (brand not known, but vintage) and Dr. Franklin sunglasses. Except Zara suede leather boots are not vintage.

Below everything is same, except Giesswein Austria vintage wool jacket with hairy hunting dog (probably German Wirehaired Pointer).

Giesswein vintage wool jacket