Vintage Signed Silver pewter Frog Brooch/Pin

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Finally, the sun is caressed the land warmly and the frogs are croaking. Here very rare old (don’t remember exactly, how old..) frog brooch, originates from Etsy. Frogs are a symbol of change and transformation and for me this is a really lovely talisman.

Retro Laurenz Trupal trench coat + Polène Number Eight Mini + Zara wide cylindrical heel leather boots + vintage Hermes scarf ring + vintage Breuer silk scarf

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I’m gone totally nuts for vintage lately. It’s just, I have had so good experiences with my latest purchases of these sophisticated pearls. It seems the quality of these vintage items is much better, these are made with love and made to last, made with a well-thought-out design.

The trench coat is Laurenz Trupal, probably 60’s or 80’s, but it’s brand new, it seems, it’s never used. Fabulous pattern and design, very comfy to wear. I just love it so much ❤️.

The scarf ring is from Etsy and it’s actually waiting for a vintage Hermes scarf, but this time I wear a “golf club” theme silk scarf (not so visible here), which is also very unique and really beautiful.

Polène “Numéro Huit” mini – camel

Brand new over 40 years old handbag and vintage belt in the same tone

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😑 I really feel, that I have already reached the limit and this kind of neutral clothing is too much for me. Nothing is wrong, my capsule wardrobe works well – I have good-quality basics and the content is easy to combine – ready to go out of the door within two minutes whatever it’s coming down from the sky. Just.. 😦 in my opinion.. this kind of style has a bit lack of emotions.. My closet was screaming for something, which has some kind of attitude.. So I decided to spice it up with vintage. And actually now, when I’m like “tabula rasa”, it’s a good starting position for adding some kick. Generally I intend to follow the rules of my 2022 clothing plan. Maybe I only break rule number five..

But here – I think I got inspired from lovely Audrey Coyne ❤️ – and dived into the boundless world of Etsy. So here are the treasures, I found and purchased this time.

80s Boston Florence craftsman Italian leather bag – in excellent condition – not used at all. I have dreamed of this kind briefcase style bag since long time. For example, I really like Proenza Schoulder. But the one I got, has all the history and in my eyes even more temper 🙂.

And the belt.. it’s also old/vintage, but seems totally unused, like brand new and together with it there was a lovely heart message-label from the seller.

With those two Etsy purchases I have experienced a very good and personal attitude. My best greetings and many thanks to the sellers! From Estland 🙂❤️

I already have some vintage Hermes scarves on my wishlist, but this one is from Humana vintage (, no specific brand, but the print is really beautiful and it’s in excellent condition.

Kimono cut wool-coat is from Mango, handmade.

Boots from Massimo Dutti.

Sunglasses – Zara, retro.

Style upgrade..

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It really seems I’m moving backwards, back to simple basics, plain cuts and blank colors. Everyone would like to dress to impress, wear something different, than other plain-Jane’s do 🙄. There must be some good reason, why these clean cuts and neutral colors look better and also more expensive, than bright colored items, designed with great efforts. So I have already collected some clothes for myself, which may fall into this plain (boring🙄) upgraded category and I’ll try to solve the mystery.. It really looks like DRESSING UP IS A LIFETIME LESSON TO LEARN 🙂

Here I wear “Different Shades of Black”🙂 look. Actually, the only clothing piece, which is fully black, is the top – irreplaceable old wardrobe’s basic from Monton (I have 3pcs of these 🙂), Estonian design, but this brand died out last year, unfortunately. The trousers are from Mango, bought a couple of months ago – I tried so many, but these were somehow so different and much more higher class feeling. The blazer is recently bought from Massimo Dutti’s sale.

💡 Someone, has said – “you must be remembered for who you are, not for what you wore”. Maybe this is the main reason, why the look should be simple and neutral.. have to shine from the inside 🙂

A little style change plan for 2022

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I have recently started to follow Anna Bey’s videos from YouTube and I’m so strongly influenced of her and as a result I have got rid of almost everything I had in my closet. Also from my scenic print and animal print dresses 😥, which were kind of my signature style. But first, I didn’t have a good ironing machine and secondly I had noticed, it’s quite hard to style, when everything is so patterned. I also love Kate Hutchins, Mariana Pineda and Audrey Coyney, so some style hacks might be from them too. But here are the main tips:

1.Keep it simple.

2.Wear only neutral colors, which can be found from the nature and only the color-palette, which suits for you.

3.Try to avoid black and wear navy blue instead.

4.Buy less, but only mid-range priced (or expensive 😃) items and try to find expensive looking items from Zara and other fast-fashion stores. Some colors and some materials look more expensive, than the others.

5.Try to avoid cheap patterns and also (unless you are not very experienced) animal prints 😥 😥 😥 and especially cartoon prints.

6.Try to wear the same tone from head to toe. It looks very chic 😎

Here I have new double-breasted wool coat from Mango, merino wool sweater and wool mix hat from Ivo Nikkolo (Estonian design), Massimo Dutti boots and YSL bag 🙂

What makes a woman smile..

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..a new YSL handbag of course.. which is birthday present from my darling 😘, ordered from Luisaviaroma. Of course it was me, who chose the bag 🙂 – the model is Saint Laurent Medium Sunset Leather Sachtel Bag 🙂. I really love the shape and simple design of Saint Laurent bags, but I was a bit afraid of this big YSL logo and golden chain-strap, but these are not shiny and don’t scream at all. So I’m really happy with this bag and already dream of white and beige one too 🤐. This knitted zebra dress is from Vila (I have it in light beige tone too). The boots are from Massimo Dutti and this was the birthday present from me to me. No problem to get one year older to get presents like these.. 😛

Saint Laurent bag from Luisaviaroma

Back to business..

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Summer is over and it’s time to grab the ox by the horns, like Estonians like to say 🙂 and get back to serious. For those days I chose long check dress (with belt, but here I wear another..) from Massimo Dutti. Again, it is a classic that found its way to me for many happy years, so called “slow fashion” item and will be a perfect member of capsule wardrobe at the same time. Also warm and soft and helps me to stay focused at work 🙂

Other accessories from Polo Ralph Lauren and suede boots from Mango 🙂

Catch 2 from reuse boutique, as promised..

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The blouse. Brand Nelly. Actually my girlfriend noticed this before, but for my luck, it didn’t fit to her so well.

The jeans are from Guess and not from reuse 🙂. Leather sneakers, my classics (maybe just for one summer, because I can’t and won’t bother to clean them) from Zara.

The great catch from reuse boutique + new platform shoes from EGO 😐

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I had a regular walk with my girlfriend and suddenly the idea came to us go to the rag. Of course that was one hour before closing 😐 and this time the range of the stuff was so wide, that we quite lost our brains there. But both of us had great luck and we left the boutique with some kg-s of new rags. What more to wish for..

Dress BY MALINA, 100% silk, size M – when I noticed it’s pretty fabric, I knew, I want this piece of clothe, no matter size it is.. I paid for this beauty 7 euros, but someone did around 300.- 😮. I’m very thankful to the ex owner..

It’s so bright 🌞 can’t keep my eyes open 🙂

I really did assume, that this kind of vulgarity is not my style and the first thought, when I looked at these shoes, was – I may fall to death, but here I am again – wearing EGO Jordyn chunky heeled mules with gold chain in black croc 😐 and it feels like I was born with those shoes. So comfy..

I try to add soon photos of the other treasures I mined from the rag 🙂

More is more

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Here I show my old classic, which has adorned me at various summer events, weddings and graduations, but why not to wear this dress just everyday, when the mood is such.. The dress is quite no-name I guess, maybe a product of Poland. Here as well my new beauty to love – Pinko fringed croc-effect mini bag, from Farfetch. I adore it’s green color, it’s mini size (great fit for my old Samsung 🙂) and the whole character of this bag. Shoes – Zara, someone’s pre-loved ❤️

Since all of these items are beautiful above average on their own, I was afraid that putting them together would be total overkill. But after the pandemic, on a daily basis I’m very modest in appearance. Good, when the hair is combed 🙂. So “too much!” should be nicely allowed, when there’s a special occasion taking place. Estonian saying is – The more, the prouder! Hence, almost like a parrot..

Pinko fringed croc-effect mini bag